Associate Editor: Elizabeth M. Sajdel-Sulkowska

Elizabeth M. Sajdel-Sulkowska holds a Faculty position in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and a Visiting Professor position in the Department of Veterinary Medicine at Warsaw University of Life Sciences, in Warsaw Poland since 2011.She graduated with a bachelor’s degree (BS) in biology from MIT in 1967, and received a master’s degree (MS) in 1969 and a doctor of science (DSc) in 1972 also from MIT. She has served on the faculty at Harvard Medical School since 1979. She was a 2008 recipient of the Japan Society for Propagation of Science and a visiting professor in Gunma Graduate School of Medicine in Japan.
She has been principal investigator on NIH studies on the mechanisms involved in the interaction between genetic information and environmental factors during brain development both under conditions of homeostasis as well as pathologies. Using animal models she examined the effects of various toxic substances on CNS development. Her studies indicatethat that both the development of brain as well as the environmental impact on its development is sex-dependent. In addition to the studies on animal models, she also used human postmortem brain tissue, to examine brain pathologies with emphasis on developmental pathology of autism. She has performed characterization of oxidative stress markers in different brain regions. And her studies indicate that changes in brains derived from autistic donors are specific for a given brain region and are related to changes in the activity of thyroid hormone-regulated genes. Her research interest also include the relationship between “leaky gut” during development, abnormalities in the gut microbiome and effects on brain.
Her scientific activity is supported by about 80 publications in both national and international scientific journals and about 120presentations at both national and international meetings. She has also been a board member of the International Society for Research on Cerebellum, and the newly organized Society for Biomedical and Veterinary Research in Poland. Dr. Sajdel-Sulkwskahas been a member of NIH Peer Review Committee and a member of Group of Experts for the Polish National Science Center.