Associate Editor: Kao-Chang Lin

A-editor-jne China Medical College in Taichou, Taiwan, Scholarship, 1985
Institute of Environmental Health, National Cheng-Kung University, MPH, 2003

Now working at Chi Mei Medical Center in southern Taiwan, with co-
1. Attending Physician in Neurology, Chi Mei Medical Center, 1999~
2. Chief Director in Chi Mei Medical Library Resource, 2008~
3. Chief Director in Holistic Care Center, Chi Mei Medical Center, 2011~
4. Executive Director in Taiwan Headache Society, 2005~
5. Executive Director in Zeelandia Dementia Association, 2010~
Director in Tainan Branch of Taiwan Environmental Protection Unit, 1997~
6. Chairman in TEPCA (Taiwan Electromagnetic Radiation Hazard Protection and Control Association), 2012~
7. Associate Professor, Biotechnology, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, 2012~

1. Who’ Who in the world, nominee, 2008~
2. International Health Professionals of the Year, nominee, 2012
3. Top 100 Health Professionals, nominee, 2012
4. The best poster/oral award in annual meeting, Taiwan Critical Care Society, (4 papers), 2008~2012
5. Kao-Chang Lin. Update treatment of acute and preventive migraine. (Taiwan Neurology Society, 2012-Taichou,invited speaker)
6. Kao-Chang Lin. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy reduces neuroinflammtion and improves neurogenesis after traumatic brain injury. (2012-5-11~13,AONTS,Taipei,invited speaker)
7. Kao-Chang Lin, Chun-Ming Yang, Jinn-Rung Kuo.Neuropathic Pain Treatment in Dilemma from Neurological View. (2012-Neuro-talk,5-17~5-20,Beijing,invited speaker)
8. Kao-Chang Lin. Advanced International Guidelines and Clinic trails of Neuropathic Pain. (2012-7-7,Cross-Straight Neuropathic Pain Summit, invited speaker)