Essentıal Oıl Composıtıon of Scandıx Iberıca Bıeb. and Scandıx Stellata Banks and Sol (Apıaceae) from Dıfferent Parts, a Chemotaxonomıc Approach

(Pages 55-62)
Azize Demirpolat, Eyüp Bagci and Gülden Doğan

Firat University, Sci Fac, Biology Deprt, Elazig, Turkey



Abstract: To investigate and compare, the essential oil composition of different parts of two Scandix species (Apiaceae). The essential oil of the aerial parts of two species was obtained by hydrodistillation and analyzed by gas chromatography (GC) and gas chromatography – mass spectrometry (GC-MS). The essential oil yields of S. stellata were determined as 0.3(v/w) in aerial part, 0.2 (v/w) in leaf and fruits. 51 constituents were identified and comprised 85.1 % of the total essential oil from S. stellata Banks et. Sol. aerial parts, and identified thirty constituents in leaf and 27 constituents in fruits and also comprised 98.1% in leaf and 88.9% in fruit total essential oil. Fourty two constituents were identified and comprised 96.6% of the total essential oil from S. iberica aerial parts. The predominant compounds of the aerial part oils of S. stellata were n-hexadecanoic (15.9%) and oleic acids (10.0%), spathulenol (9.4%) and also n- hexadecanoic (27.5%), oleic acids (14.2%), spathulenol (12.1%) and stearic acid (8.2%) were the major compounds in fruit. In S.stellata leaf oil, n-hexadecanoic acid (12.5%), spathulenol (12.1%) and germacrene-D (6.2%) were the major compounds. The predominant compounds of S. iberica oil were n-hexadecanoic acid (23.1%), 1-Octadecane-sterol (31.1%) in aerial parts; pentadecane (28.1%) caryophyllene oxide (10.2%) and heptadecane (9.1%) in leafs β-monolein (18.1%), n-hexadecanoic acid (12.5%), 1-Octadecane-sterol (11.4%), spathulenol (9.1%) were determined as main compounds in oil of S. iberica fruits. Fatty acid, sesquiterpene and saturated hydrocarbons were determined as significant compounds for the characterization of S. stellata and S. iberica essential oil.

Keywords: Chemotaxonomy, essential oil, n-hexadecanoic acid, oleic acid, Scandix stellata and Scandix iberica, spathulenol.