The Effects of Different Fertilizer Treatments on Kohlrabi (Brassica oleracea L. var. gongylodes) Cultivation

(Pages 1-7)
Kübra Aydin, Melek Ekinci, Ertan Yildirim and Atilla Dursun

Atatürk University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Horticulture, Erzurum-Turkey



Abstract: The effects of different fertilizers (chemical fertilizer-CF, bacterial formulation- BF, plant activator-PA, seaweed-SW, vermicompost-VC, liquid organic fertilizer-LOF, farm manure –FM and control-C) on the yield, quality and mineral matter content of kohlrabi were examined in 2014-2015. The effect of fertilizers on the parameters examined was found statistically significant. According to the average of the years, the highest plant weight, leaf number, leaf weight, stem yield, stem length, stem diameter, stem dry weight, root fresh weight, root dry weight and vitamin C were obtained from the CF treatment, and other treatments also provide close results to CF. In regard to these parameters, the increases obtained from the treatments as compared to the control were 4.16 (PA) – 43.36% (FM), 0.77 (VC) – 6.54% (FM), 3.94 (SW) – 31.27% (FM), 25.66 (PA) – 54.64% (FM), 3.96 (LOF) – 7.87% (FM), 4.42 (LOF) – 9.60% (VC), 4.16 (LOF)- 22.24% (PA), 9.03 (SW)- 17.16% (VC), 11.86 (SW) – 24.51% (BF) and 3.37 (VC) – 12.45% (SW) respectively, except for CF. According to the average, the stem ratio, stem index, stem dry matter ratio, root dry matter ratio, total soluble solid (TSS) and chlorophyll content were increased to 7.58 (FM) – 19.70% (PA), 1.50 (VC) – 2.26% (SW), 2.35 (LOF) – 5.09% (BF), 0.26 (SW) – 13.87% (LOF), 1.75 (PA) –12.40% (FM) and 1.17 (CF) – 1.37% (SW) as compared to control, respectively. The contents of N, P, K, Na, Mg, Ca, Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu and B considerably increased with treatments as compared to the control. It was determined that the organic origin fertilizers used in the experimented could be used as an alternative to chemical fertilizer for kohlrabi cultivation.

Keywords: Kohlrabi, Fertilizer, Plant growth, Yield, Mineral matter.