Modified Sauve-Kapandji Procedure for Management of Distal Radioulnar Joint Synostosis – A Case Report

(Pages 12-15)
Vikram Khanna

Department of Orthopaedics, Ranjana Hospital, Prayagraj, India



Abstract: Case: An 18-year-old male patient came to us with restricted pronation and supination. He gave a history of fall 10 years back. The skin on the dorsal and solar aspect of the distal forearm had a secondarily healed contracture. On X-ray, distal radio-ulnar synostosis was seen. Ulnar bone excision was done in the diaphyseal region. Full pronation and supination were achieved after excision in the operation theatre.
Conclusion: The use of ulnar excision is a simple and effective way to achieve an adequate functional outcome with low risk of recurrence of the synostosis.

Keywords: Cross union, Radioulnar synostosis, Sauve kapandji technique, Radius, Ulna.