The Prevalence of Congenital Malformation Secondary to TORCH Infection in Southeastern Romania

(Pages 6-10)
Anca Daniela Pinzaru1, Cristina Maria Mihai1,2, Adina Ungureanu2 and Simona Claudia Cambrea2,3

1County Clinical Emergency Hospital of Constanta, Pediatric Department, Romania; 2Faculty of Medicine, Ovidius University, Constanta, Romania; 3Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital, Constanta, Romania



Abstract: Introduction: Considered a medical burden due to financial high consumption and leading to human losses the preventable congenital malformation determined by the TORCH system is still encountered in our activity.
Purpose: Infant mortality is considered an important medical problem for all countries. Romania has been ranked first in Europe at infant mortality for many years in a row. Looking for strategies to decrease these results is our main purpose.
Material and Method: This study was conducted in the Pediatric Department of the Clinical County Hospital of Constanta. Through a 5-year-period (March 2015- March 2020) 21 patients, aged 1-12 months were retrospectively analyzed.
Results: According to seroprevalence distribution we gathered CMV – 9 cases, syphilis -7 cases, Hepatitis B -2 cases, congenital rubella -1 case, toxoplasmosis and HIV- 1 case each. As we can notice the higher incidence is determined by cytomegalovirus (CMV), followed by congenital syphilis and hepatitis B virus.
Main complains at admission were fever (33,6%), lymphadenopathy (22,6%), seizures (12%), respiratory distress (2.5%), jaundice (5,3%), vomiting (1%), growth deficit (26%), microcephaly (4.3%), rash (15,3%). After the initial physical exam and complementary investigations, it was determined that 38% of the cases had severe neurological impairment. 25.6% were diagnosed with epilepsy. 78.5% were born preterm, and more than half were secondary to CMV infection.
Conclusion: TORCH complex has in important impact on mothers as well as on newborns and later it could affect the future adult life and health.

Keywords: Infant, Death, Infection, Malformation.