The Last and the Previous Year of Life in Europe: A Comparative Analysis of Care Received and Daily Living Limitations

(Pages 1-7)
Małgorzata Kalbarczyk-Stęclik and Anna Nicińska

University of Warsaw, Faculty of Economic Sciences, Długa 44/50, 00-241 Warsaw, Poland



Abstract: Objectives: We analyse the need for and the provision of care to individuals aged at least 50 years in their last year of life as compared with the previous year of life.
Methods: We explain the functional status in ordered logit and who provides care in multinomial logit using the data from the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe.
Results: We find a significant and heterogeneous in the cause of death increase in the number of daily living limitations between the previous and the last year of life. The percentage of respondents receiving care increases and more sources of care are observed between the previous and the last year of life. Regional disparities decline in the last year of life.
Discussion: Correlates to functional status and care receipt differ between the last and the previous year of life. These differences are specific to region and cause of death.

Keywords: ADL limitations, IADL limitations, caregiving, end of life, last year of life.