Photorefractive Properties of Some Nano- and Bio-Structured Organic Materials Pages 2-5

Natalia V. Kamanina1,2, Sergey V. Serov1, Yulia A. Zubtsova1, Yann Bretonniere3, Chantal Andraud3, Patrice Baldeck3 and Francois Kajzar4

1Lab for Photophysics of Media with Nanoobjects, Vavilov State Optical Institute, Kadetskaya Liniya V.O., dom.5, korpus 2, St.- Petersburg, 199053, Russia; 2Saint-Petersburg Electrotechical University (“LETI”), St. Petersburg, Russia; 3Laboratoire de Chimie – UMR CNRS 5182, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France; 4Université d’Angers, Institut des Sciences et Technologies Moléculaires d’Angers, France



Abstract: Based on using the holographic recording technique the photorefractive parameters of some organic materials doped with nano- and bio-objects have been studied. Some spectral and structural features have been established. The area of application of the materials has been discussed in order to use them in the optoelectronics and biomedicine.

Keywords: Nano- and biostructures, laser-mater interaction, photorefractivity, liquid crystals, self-assembling, interface.