Anticancer Activity of Multicomponent Nanostructured System «Gold Nanoparticles-Apitoxin-Chitosan» Pages 11-16

A.E. Mochalova, A.S. Koryagin, E.V. Salomatina, V.N. Dydykina, Yu.D. Zotova and L.A. Smirnova

N.I. Lobachevsky State university of Nizhniy Novgorod, 603950 Nizhniy Novgorod, Gagarin ave, bld. 23, korp. 5, Russia



Abstract: The anticancer activity of the multicomponent nanostructured drug “gold nanoparticles – apitoxin – chitosan” was revealed on white rats with implanted carcinoma under injecting encompassing of neoplasms. Drug at therapeutic doses when the apitoxin containing in it one degree lower than toxic (DL 50) effectively inhibits the growth of implanted tumor. On the 28th day after the course administration the external surface area of the tumor decreases in 5 times compared to control animals. Antitumor effect is also reflected as the normalization of free-radical processes. Indicators of biochemiluminescence (Imax) of animals reduces from 250 mV with implanted tumor in the control group to 150 mV of animals with implanted tumor which injected the drug. The value of leukocyte coefficient which characterizes the status of the animals organism (normal or stress), in experiments with the drug do not significantly differ from the normal values (5.36 ± 0.72; 6.73 ± 1.09 respectively) and appreciably higher than in control group of animals with implanted tumor that the drug is not administered (1.91 ± 0.15). Leukocyte ratio 1.91 shows that control animals are under stress.

Keywords: Nanostructured drug “gold nanoparticles-apitoxin-chitosan”, animals, implanted tumor, inhibition of tumor growth, antioxidant properties.