The Application of Integrative Psychotherapy during Covid-19 Pandemic

(Pages 85-97)
Paolo Tirinnanzi1 and Alice Bianchi2

1Clinical Psychologist SPPA, Study of Psychology and Psychotherapy Arezzo, Italy; 2Psychotherapist SPPA, Study of Psychology and Psychotherapy Arezzo, Italy



Abstract: Background: Integrative Psychotherapy is a progressive form of psychotherapy that is developing in these last years as it has a more flexible and inclusive approach to treatment than more traditional, singular forms of psychotherapy. This study aimed to investigate the application of Integrative Psychotherapy, to understand if it may have provided the patients in therapy with the necessary resources to face the 2019 coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19).
Methods: The subjects were 63 control group and 44 patients. In the patients’ group, 28 stopped the therapy and 16 continued during the lockdown. To analyze data, descriptive statistics and independent two-sample t-test were used.
Results: The results indicated that there wasn’t a significant difference between the control group and all patients, while inside the patients’ group there was a significant difference between patients that continued Integrative Psychotherapy sessions during the lockdown and patients that stopped therapy.
Conclusions: This study indicates that there are effects due to Integrative Psychotherapy sessions.

Keywords: Integrative psychotherapy, Emotion regulation, Mental health, Coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic.