Editor-in-Chief: Petar Asenov Atanasov

EIC-jndt1Born in 1942 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He received M.S. in Radio-Physics and Electronics from Sofia University, Ph.D. and D.Sc. in Physics from the Institute of Electronics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. In 1990 he became Professor and in 2008 he was elected as Corresponding Member of the BAS. From 1993 through 1999 he has been Director of the IE. He heads the Scientific Council of the Institute and the laboratory of Micro- and Nano-Photonics. In 1991 and 1993 he has been working for CB Lasertechnik GmbH, Germany as project development engineer. He was a visiting scientist of MIT, Res. Lab. of Electronics, Ma. – USA and of the Institute of General Physics, Moscow, respectively. He has been visiting Professor of Keio University, Japan; Instituto de Optica, CSIC, Madrid; Technical University, Sofia; and Chiba University, Japan.

Best Paper Awards of the IE (2006, 2008), Certificate of Appreciation for great contribution to the Global COE Program “High-level, Global Cooperation for Leading-Edge Platform on Access Space” at Keio University (2012), Great National Award of PYTHAGORAS, Bulgaria (2008). Member of E-MRS (2000-), SPIE (1995-) and Bulgarian Phys. Union (1972-).

Main research activities and achievements
Experimental and theoretical study of interaction of laser pulses having fs-, ps- and nano-second duration with matter
Plasmon nanostructuring of metal, semiconductor and dielectric substrates using gold NPs, excited by fs laser pulses
Nanostructuring, nanostructured surfaces and application in bio-photonics (photo-thermal therapy of cancer cells)
Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS)
Pulsed laser deposition of high quality optical and magnetic thin film.

Publication activity
Prof. Atanasov has published more than 250 scientific papers mainly in international journals and proceedings. He is the author/coauthor of chapters in 6 monographs in the field of Plasmonic Nanopatterning of the Material Surfaces, Laser Physics, Pulsed Laser Deposition of Thin Films. He has 8 Patents and Inventions.

Societal activity
Prof. Atanasov has been an Editor/Co-Editor of Proc. of SPIE, v. 3092, 3571, 4397, 5226, 5830, 6604, USA. He is Member of the Editorial Board of Bulgarian Journal of Physics.

He has also been serving as is Member of the Int. Adv. Comm. of GCL-HPL Symposia and Head/Member of the Organizing & Advisory Committee of International Schools of Quantum Electronics. He was Co-Organizer of 18th GCL-HPL Symposium, Sofia and IE BAS-KEIO GCOE Workshop on Nano-Photonics (2010). He has been working as the President of SPIE Bulgarian Chapter (1995-2008).

Room: IE 1-106

paatanas@hotmail.com, paatanas@ie.bas.bg
tel: + 359 2 979 5861
fax: +359 2 975 3201

Nano-science and nanotechnologies; bio-photonics and SERS; interaction of cw, pulsed and ultra-short pulsed laser radiation with matter; pulsed laser deposition and processing of optical and magnetic films; laser technologies; gas lasers.