Global Journal Of Botanical Science

Table of Contents
Volume 8, Year 2020

Global Journal Of Botanical Science (Volume8)

Proteomic Studies: Contribution to Understanding Plant Salinity Stress Response (Pages 1-10)
Md. Sanower Hossain

Biobased Adhesives from African Mahogany Tannins: Characterization by 1H and 13C NMR and Physicochemical Properties (Pages 11-20)
A. Bikoro Bi Athomo, S.P.M. Engozogho Anris, R. Safou Tchiama, F. Eyma, P.L. de Hoyos-Martinez and B. Charrier

Investigation of Quality and Cooking Traits Diversity in a Global Common Bean Germplasm (Pages 21-29)
Muhammad Azhar Nadeem, Yeter Çilesiz, Fawad Ali, Faheem Shehzad Baloch and Tolga Karaköy

Diverse Aspects of ABA Signaling under Drought Stress in Wheat (Pages 30-39)
Aysen Yumurtaci

Agrosol and Brassinolide Applications Improve Growth and Physiological Responses of fig (Ficus Carica L.) (Pages 40-52)
Zulias Mardinata and Mellisa

Phytoremediation of Waste Water Containing Phenol by Salix Matsudana Seedlings and their Physiological Response (Pages 53-58)
Tianran Zhao, Kejie Han, Wang Zhe and Huicheng Xie