International Journal of Pediatrics and Child Health

Table of Contents
Volume 4, No. 2, December 2016

International Journal of Pediatrics and Child Health (Voume4 Issue2)

Editorial Page 60
Gian Vincenzo Zuccotti

ETV4 Mutation in a Patient with Congenital Anomalies of the Kidney and Urinary Tract Page 61-71
Jing Chen, Amelie T. van der Ven, Joseph A. Newman, Asaf Vivante, Nina Mann, Hazel Aitkenhead, Shirlee Shril, Hadas Ityel, Julian Schulz, Johanna Magdalena Schmidt, Eugen Widmeier, Opher Gileadi, Frank Costantini, Shifaan Thowfeequ, Roland H. Wenger,
Stuart B. Bauer, Richard S. Lee, Weining Lu, Maike Getwan, Michael M. Kaminski, Soeren S. Lienkamp, Richard P. Lifton,
Velibor Tasic, Elijah O. Kehinde and Friedhelm Hildebrandt

Growing Skull Defect in an Infant with a Rare Combination of a Foramen Parietale Permagna and an Atretic Cephalocele Page 72-76
Miriam Ratliff, Andreas Unterberg and Heidi Bächli

Understanding Social Determinants for Children in Difficult Circumstances: An Indian Perspective Page 77-88
Bani Bandana Ganguly and Nitin N. Kadam

Mortality Associated Factors in VLBW Preterm Newborns between 2002-2011 in a Peruvian Hospital Page 89-97
M. E. Gutiérrez, G. Matzumura, D. Olivos, C. Loza, F. Rivera and V. Webb