The Journal of Dentists

Table of Contents
Volume 7, Year 2019

The Journal of Dentists (volume7)

Drug-influenced Gingival Enlargement: Overview of the Clinical Features and Assessment Methods (Page 1-7)
Muhammad Annurdin Sabarudin and Haslina Taib

Oral Surgery in Patients Taking Direct Oral Anticoagulants (DOACs): A Practical Review of the Literature (Page 8-16)
Saturnino Marco Lupi, Mohammad Reza Dermenaki Farahani, Elisa Di Ronza, Michael Cerri, Arianna Rodriguez y Baena and Ruggero Rodriguez y Baena

Hopelessness..? Turned Hopefullness..! – Salvaging A Molar with A Mother’s Touch– Case Report (Page 17-21)
Ramnath Elangovan, Ramakrishnan Theyagarajan, Mejalla Muthiah Amala Dhas and Vidya Sekhar

Role of Laminin in Oral Carcinogenesis (Page 22-26)
Ahankare Preeti, Sridharan Gokul and Patankar Sangeeta

Pushing Back the Limits of Implant Dentistry by Combining Anatomo-Physiological Root-form Implants and Diskimplants with Stem Cell Activation (Page 27-37)
Gérard Scortecci and Guillaume Odin

Restoration of the Vertical Posterior Dimension in a Grinding Patient before Orthodontic Treatment: A Case-Report with Electromyographic Evaluation of Masticatory Muscles Balance (Page 38-42)
Bianco Edoardo, Attuati Sara, Brugali Cristina, Nanussi Alessandro and Maddalone Marcello

The Management of Advanced Lateral Bone Defects with the Splitted Bone Block Technique in the Maxillary and in the Mandible. A Follow-up until 8 Years (Page 43-48)
Trasarti Stefano and Marroni Daniela

Minimally Invasive Adhesive Treatment of Dental Wear with Feldspathic Ceramic Restorations – A Case Report (Page 49-55)
Sorin Gheorghe Mihali and Dan Lolos