Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering Technology (Selected Articles)

Volume 1, No. 1

The Automatic Monitoring System for 3D-CEMBSv2 in the Operational Version
Lidia Dzierzbicka-Głowacka, Artur Nowicki and Maciej Janecki

New Methodology of Assessing Wasted Energy in Industrial Sector: Assessing Industrial Systems contribution to Thermal Pollution
Constantin Pitis

Volume 2, No. 1

Space Technology Advances Application in Town Planning
Nargiz A. Babayeva, Rayxa B. Amenzade and Rustam B. Rustamov

Meteorological Conditions for the Variability of 7Be and 210Pb Concentrations in Surface Layer Air in Poland
Ewa Krajny, Leszek Osrodka and Marek Wojtylak