Journal of Hematology Research

Table of Contents
Volume 3, No. 1, December 2016

Journal of Hematology Research Volume 3 Issue 1

Research Articles

Adult T-Cell Leukemia and Retinoid Pages 1-5
Yasuhiro Maeda, Atsushi Okamoto, Shin-ichiro Kawaguchi, Akiko Konishi, Kenta Yamamoto, Go Eguchi and Terufumi Yamaguchi

Case Report

A Case of Ischemic Stroke in a Patient with Middle Cerebral Artery Stenosis and Iron Deficiency Anemia Pages 6-9
T. Parvu, C. Coclitu, O. Rusu, A. Ciobotaru, A. Mergeani, O. Bajenaru and F. A. Antochi

Review Article

Is Alpha-Fetoprotein a New Biomarker for Fetal, Infant and Juvenile Anemia? A Commentary Pages 10-12
Gerald J. Mizejewski