Journal of Hematology Research

Table of Contents
Volume 6, Year 2019

Journal of Hematology Research Volume 6

Genetic Disorders Affecting Equine Blood Cells and Coagulation Factors: A-State-of-The-Art Review (Pages 1-11)
K. Satué and A. Muñoz

Skeletal Involvement in Multiple Myeloma: The Radiological Point of View (Pages 12-17)
Giuseppe Cicero

Severe Bacterial and Plasmodium Falciparum Infections in Febrile Children with Sickle Cell Disease Receiving Organized Specialty Care in a Referral Center in Sub-Saharan Africa: lessons for Clinical Practice (Pages 18-24)
Dapa A Diallo, Mohamed Ag Baraïka, Aldiouma Guindo, Ibrahim Kéita, Remi Charrel, Mody Coulibaly, Mariam Kanta, Assétou Traoré, Yaya S Sarro, Boubacari A Touré, Oumarou Tessougué, Pierre Guindo, Youssouf Badiaga, Abdoul Karim Dembélé, Drissa Diabaté and Didier Raoult

Screening for the Sickle Cell Trait in Schools is more Efficient than during the Pre-Nuptial Period for the Prevention of Sickle Cell Anemia in a Sub-Saharan Africa Country. [Sickle Cell Trait Scree-ning and Sickle Cell Anemia Prevention in Sub-Saharan Africa] (Pages 25-31)
Paul Boma Muteb, Stéphanie Ngimbi Luntadila, Ndeme Bongali Maurice, Jean Fidèle Kaluila Mamba, Ada Kalunda Magwandji, Jules Panda Mulefu, Somwe Wa Somwe and Dapa Aly Diallo