Journal of Ocular Diseases and Therapeutics

Table of Contents
Volume 6, Year 2018

Journal of Ocular Diseases and Therapeutics volume 6 (Open Access)

Blow–Out Orbital Fracture Reconstructive Surgery Classical Technique (Pages 1-3)
Ramon Navarro Ceballos and Jonathan Navarro Suarez

6q21q22.2 Deletion Syndrome with Ataxia and Congenital Ocular Motor Apraxia (Cogan´s Syndrome) (Pages 4-13)
Carrascosa-Romero MC, Baquero Cano M, Lozano- Setién E, Correas-Sánchez A, Delgado García AB and Méndez-Carrascosa ER

Purtcher’s Like Retinopathy in a Patient with Malignant Hypertension (Pages 14-16)
S. V. Raman

Bilateral Posterior Uveitis with Retinitis Revealing Primary Sjögren’s Syndrome (Pages 17-19)
Salem Bouomrani and Nesrine Regaïeg