Journal of Psychology and Psychotherapy Research

Table of Contents
Volume 6, Year 2019

Journal of Psychology and Psychotherapy Research (Volume 6)

Mobbing at the Workplace and its Relation to Employees’ Quality of Working Life and Overall Life: A Qualitative Study in Greece (Pages 1-9)
Ilias Meramveliotakis and Argyroula Kalaitzaki

Intimate Relationships and Heart Disease (Pages 10-13)
Ami Rokach

The Plurality of Word Sense in Clytemnestra: the Focus on Disambiguation in Language (Pages 14-18)
Mento Carmela, Clara Lombardo, Nicholas Ian Whithorn, Francesca Picone and Caterina Vezzoli

The Relationship between Self-endangering Behaviours, Hopelessness Depression and Perceived Social Support in Adolescence (Pages 19-23)
Ilenia Longo, Susanna Orecchio, Antonina Viviana Mafodda and Luana Sorrenti