Journal of Psychology and Psychotherapy Research

Table of Contents
Volume 7, Year 2020

Journal of Psychology and Psychotherapy Research (Volume 7)

The Functional Neurometry of Nelson Alves Pereira Júnior: An Advanced Method of Mapping and Biofeedback Training of the Autonomic Nervous System Functions (Pages 1-19)
Valdenilson Ribeiro Ribas, Renata de Melo Guerra Ribas, Marcelo Tavares Viana, José Marcos da Silva Dias, Ivan Rafael Reis e Silva Cavalcanti, Marcelo Cairrão Araujo Rodrigues, Igor Tchaikovsky Mello de Oliveira, Nery Adamy Neto, Ricardo Jorge Consuel Pessoa and Hugo André de Lima Martins

Attention to Prescriptive Norms Increases Dictator Game Generosity in Women but not Men: Using the 2D:4D Digit Ratio to Test the Role of Biology (Pages 20-31)
Carlos Maximiliano Senci, Fermín Breccia and Esteban Freidin

The Impact of Video Game Plots on the Formation of Destructive Trends and Anxiety in Adolescents (Pages 32-37)
Konstantin Karaneuski and Kira Mezianaya

School Wide Student-Centered Psychology and Counseling Provision: Disrupting Disruptions to Teaching and Learning Environments (Pages 38-49)
Larry Lee, Shereef Aboelela Aid Abdalhamid, Nada Anbousi and Nuku Charlotte Rasenyalo

Criminogenic Antecedents – Dynamics of Employee Criminal Behaviour in Business Organisations (Pages 50-67)
Alexander Glebovskiy

What Does Predict Cyberchondria? Evidence from a Sample of Women (Pages 68-75)
Francesca Gioia and Valentina Boursier

Behaviour and Social Skills in Children Aged 3-5: Relationship with Sensory Processing (Pages 76-84)
Margarida Isabel Araújo Oliveira and Helena Isabel da Silva Reis

The Application of Integrative Psychotherapy during Covid-19 Pandemic (Pages 85-97)
Paolo Tirinnanzi and Alice Bianchi

Personality Features and Defense Styles in Subjects Affected with Eating Disorders: Focus on Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa (Pages 98-106)
Laura Orsolini, Ginevra Oriani, Samuele Giacomoni, Giulia Amato, Massimo Mari and Umberto Volpe

Treating Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Timely Update on Therapeutic Strategies (Pages 107-116)
Lorelei Tucker, Yong Li and Quanguang Zhang