Journal of Psychology and Psychotherapy Research

Table of Contents
Volume 4, No. 2, December 2017

Journal of Psychology and Psychotherapy Research (Volume4 Issue2)

Development and Validation of the Brief Unhelpful Thoughts Scale (BUTs) (Pages 61-70)
Simon Robert Knowles, Pragalathan Apputhurai and Glen Bates

Prevalence of Depression and Clinical Anxiety in Patients with Cardiovascular Disease (Pages 71-77)
Pablo Luis Martino, Juan Pablo Mora-Penagos, Soraya Kerbage, Mauricio Alejandro Cervigni and José Luis Bonet

Acceptance and Rejection Experiences of Men: Disclosures in Integrated Psychotherapy (Pages 78-88)
Karuna Thakur and Anisha Shah

Children’s and Fathers’ Perceptions of Children’s Competence and Occupational Interests (Pages 89-97)
Miriam Ittyerah and Ritu Jhori