The Journal of Dentists

Table of Contents
Volume 3, No. 1, June 2015

The Journal of Dentists (volume3 issue1)

A Comparative Invitro Study Investigating the Dentinal Changes Caused by Commercially Available Desensitizing Toothpastes and Laser – Original Research Article Pages 1-6
Rudra Mohan, Jothi V. and Vasudev Ballal

Tobacco and Oral Health Pages 7-10
Jayaprakash Kumar, Sumedha Kushwaha, Aditi Tomar, Thanuja Ramanna, Ishan Prabhakar and Monica Chaudhry

Effect of Transition Metal Addition in the Bioactivity of Borate Bioglass Dental Materials Pages 11-21
H. Kamal and A.M. Abdelghany

A CAD-CAM Evaluation of Maxillary Canine Retraction Using Two Different Modalities with MBT Prescription-An In Vivo Study Pages 22-28
George Jeryn Jacob

Orthodontic Treatment to Improve Hip Joint Mobility and Balance Pages 29-32
Yoshiro Fujii