Savvy aims to form a platform for researchers to publish their valuable research in effective and efficient way. It welcomes researchers from various verticals to publish their papers and share information on a secure forum. This not only brings out talent of researchers worldwide but also targets to save their time thorough online publication. Savvy is an upcoming publisher offering peer-reviewed research journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines. We have a team of experienced publishing professionals who aim to maintain the highest standards of peer review for its publications. Hence we target to cover scientific research in a broader sense keeping you updated with the latest scientific researches.

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Scholars and PhD holders are working with our team as editors. They are assisting us with their professional knowledge and the vast experience in their respective subject areas, resulting in production of standard projects relating to the field of science. To make progress in scientific fields, it is very important that scientific knowledge is published and made available; hence we make sure that latest research is updated on our website.

Before its publication, the journal gets an in-depth review by our qualified reviewers. The authors are given valuable suggestions by our editorial panel. We make sure that the content, language and presentation of the manuscript is powerful at its final stage. All these combined efforts target to give a successful impact to the journals. Savvy seeks to provide best assistance to its clients.


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I checked all the manuscripts published within the new printed issue of our valuable honorable Global Journal of Botanical Science. I think it’s very interesting volume for readers worldwide. Just I h…
Dr. Abdelaziz Ayari (11-January-2018)
It was a great pleasure and experience working as an editorial board member of your esteemed journal. I wish your journal gets indexed in PubMed and Scopus data base soon. All the best.
Prof. Dr. Vasudev Ballal (23-December-16)
I appreciate and am fully satisfied with “Savvy Science Publisher”. I thank entire editorial team for the contributions towards in the field of research. The “Savvy Science Publisher” team is always h…
Chakravarthy Marx Sadacharan (17-March-17)
Thank you very much for publishing our article in your esteemed journal. The members of the journal editorial board were very supportive right from the start to the publication of this article. Perso…
Faiz Mohammad (11-Nov-2016)
It has been a pleasure to work with Savvy Science Publisher. I will gladly continue to collaborate with Savvy Science Publisher in the future.
Ana Miguel (10-Feb-2014)University, Oporto, Oporto, Portugal
Publishing with SAVVY SCIENCE PUBLISHER is quite fast at the same time maintaining precision and academic integrity.Time wasting protocols associated with most publications were reduced. Constant corr…
Dr. C. S. Ezeonu (25-Aug-2016)
I am delighted by the professionalism I met working with you. In the future I would like to work with you again.
Dr. Bogdan P. Krastev DD. PhD (19-Jan-2015)
We are very pleased to publish on Savvy Science Publisher. You are excellent professionals and we are at your disposal for any need of collaboration.
Valdenilson Ribeiro Ribas (21-March-2017)
I am honoured to be a member of the Editorial Board. Savvy Science Publisher cover a wide range of interesting and fascinating topics, in agreement with the advancing of science.
Paolo Di Sia (26-Sep-2014 )
“Thank you for allowing me to publish my article in the Journal. I think that you have to keep the high standard of the papers to publish in the future. The papers must try to do as many tests to prov…
Dr. Hsin-Der Shen (2-April-2016)
The publication process was smooth and fast, due to direct contact with dedicated professionals. A suggestion for improvement is to use the online submission tool also for comments and revisions.
Marinus Johannes Nouwen (21-June-2016)
This is amazing. I must congratulate you on this unique and outstanding production of this inaugural issue of the JNE. This is simply impressive. The time taken from submission through peer-review and…
Olubunmi Akindele Ogunrin (07-Feb-2014)University of Benin, Benin, Nigeria
I  am  pleased  to  provide  you  my  publication  experience  with  the  SAVY  Science  Publisher.
Dr.Attapon Cheepsattayakorn (11-Feb-2014)Zonal Tuberculosis and Chest Disease Center, Chiang Mai, Thailand
“I find the text, references and general setup of the whole format to be excellent. It has been a great pleasure working with you and your team at SAVVY SCIENCE PUBLISHER.”
Dr. Mark Yoi Sun Soo (26-Aug-2018)
Thank you very much and we are delighted and honoured to have our article published in your esteemed journal.
Dr. Sheetal Kalra (25-Jan-2015)
My experience in getting my research article published with ” Savvy Science publisher ” has been absolutely a positive and a joyful experience. The whole process from sending the article to seeing i…
Dr. S. Vasant Raman (28-October-2017)
Our cooperation has been productive. The publishing process was quick and accurate.We hope to continue our cooperation.
Dr. Tatiana V. Osipova (19-Feb-2015)
It is very pleasant to work in cooperation with the “Journal of Neurology and Epidemiology”. They are professional editors and they give skilled advises. Also I like the technical aspect of manuscrip…
Alexander V. Ovchinnikov (13-July-2017)
Thank you for your kindness to publish our manuscript. Its my great honor to have your attention.Wish you have a pleasant and nourshing harvest in the editing field.
Kao-Chang Lin (17-Feb -2014)Chi-Mei Medical Center, Tainan, Taiwan
I would like to thanks the SAVVY SCIENCE PUBLISHER because of a great help for publishing my manuscript. I think the Journal well enough for publishing the respective articles. Finally thanks of all w…
Dr. Saiful Islam (7-Dec-2015)
It was quite a great privilege to have our article published in this very reputable journal. The publication process was quite smooth and fast with excellent support from the Editorial Board. Will def…
Rosemary O. Ugwu (25-July-2016)
All is OK with the standard of the journal.
Prof. Dr. Vladimir Zaichick (17-May-2016)
I am pleased to express my highly appreciation to the Savvy Science Publisher for excellent environment created during the all period of paper publication. It is a professional management style from t…
Rustam Rustamov (26-Sep-2014 )
I am very impressed by your commitment and polite manner of communication with the authors.
Professor . G. Harseeva (20-Jan-2015)
we have had a very good experience in publishing with your journal.
Jelena Mann and Igor Kenda (15-Jan-2015)
“Thanks for the publication of my manuscript in the journal of dentists and I want to express my regards for the kindness and all support that you give to editing and encouraging to sharing the new re…
Prof. Dr. Mohammed Yasser Kharma (22nd-January-2018)
” I had a great publication experience with SAVVY publishers and it was honorable. The comportment of the Editor and the editorial staffs were really good. I enjoyed reading the articles published in “…
Dr.Vasudev Ballal (13-May-2016)
It was indeed a pleasure to publish with you. The review process and publication were extremely professional and efficient, and the choice of open access is really necessary for a scientific journal n…
Vitor (17-Jan-2015)
First of all we want to thank you for publishing our manuscript in your valuable journal. Regarding our publication experience with Savvy Science Publisher we do not have any regrets or complaints. Yo…
Dr. Nerea Ansa (23-Aug-2016)
I will say my experience with the IJPCH journal for the publication of my article was positive.
Dr. Alex Kojo Anderson (7-Dec-2015)
“It was indeed a good learning experience to publish in your esteemed journal. Some corrections need to be made in the keywords of the abstract. The starting letters of all the keywords should be in c…
Dr. Gannu Praveen Kumar (02-April-2016)
When you write with serious editorials and expert editors, is a global experience that unites scientists from around the world. As an author, it has been a unique experience that strengthens internati…
Patricia Durán (7-Jul -2014)Universidad de los Andes, Colombia
I would say working with you and your staff has been somewhat of an exhilarating experience. Savvy Science have been patient with me in accepting both the paper’s abstract initially and finally the m…
Mark Yoi Sun Soo (02-Aug-2016)
Thank you for your e-mail. I am pleased to work with you. It was a nice experience for me. Please keep in touch in the future.
Ayse Gulsahi (15-Jan-2015)
I  am  very  pleased  to  provide  you  and  the  SAVVY  my  feedback/comments/suggestions  regarding  my  publication  experience  with  the  SAVVY  SCIENCE  PUBLISHER  in  the…
Dr.Attapon Cheepsattayakorn (7-Feb-2014 )Zonal Tuberculosis and Chest Disease Center, Chiang Mai, Thailand
My cooperation with the other members of editorail board is very well and non-problematic.
Milan Kubiatko (19-Mar-2014 )
I wish to appreciate your meticulous attitude towards vetting and editing of scientific papers. This is the era when journals are increasing and are never mindful of quality and scientific contribu…
Dr. Andrew Kolo Gana (22-Jan-2016)
“I was very glad to publish results of my scientific research with assistance of “Savvy science publisher”. The review processes was not delayed, the comments of reviewers were useful, that is why…
Dr. Igor Popov. Saint-Petersburg State University (20-FEB-2015)
Satisfaction during all steps of paper reviewing process.
Fondazione Maria Bianca Corno (23-Aug-2016)
I can say that my publication experience with SAVVY was excellent. It was clear that reviewer comments were professional, since the comments were valuable. The publishers’ work was done also good: …
Prof. Victor G. Yarzhemsky (19-Feb-2015)
In my opinion, such positive experience impressed me and stimulated my group to submit other papers to Savvy Science Publisher.
Andrea Tinelli (10-Feb-2014)Vito Fazzi Hospital, Lecce, Italy
The publishing process was without any problems.
Dorothea Daentzer (19-Jan-2015)
For me it is an honor to participate in this valuable inaugural journal of global order …. It is an initiative that the world, researchers and humanity, will thank you, because only joins efforts worl…
Chieh-Chih Tsai (07-Feb-2014)Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taipei Taiwan
The publishing process was without any problems.
Dorothea Daentzer (19-Jan-2015)
Thank you very much for publishing our article in your Scientific journal. I hope also in a long collaboration with your journal.
Prof. Dr. Iuliana Florentina Gheorghe (15-Feb-2016)
The experience with Savvy Science Publisher was very nice and I have recommended it to my colleagues. I have already seen the inaugural issue and I have really appreciated it. It will be the first of…
Vittoria Raffa (7-Feb-2014)University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy
Publication process was professional and without any problems.
Prof. Dr. Günter Krampen (26-October 2017)
1. Peer reviewing of the submitted manuscript doesn’t exceed one month which is a very excellent policy for the Journal saving time for the authors. 2. Response about the comments through one to tw…
Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Abd El-Ghaffar (11th-January-2018)
The publication process was smooth and fast, due to direct contact with dedicated professionals. A suggestion for improvement is to use the online submission tool also for comments and revisions.
Marinus Johannes Nouwen (21-June-2016)
A very interesting journal.
José López (20-Mar-2014)
It’s pleasure and important for us to work in cooperation with “Global Journal of Botanical Science.” Thanks to fruitful support of the team became known to the readers of this journal. Pollen Anal…
Dr. Valentina Ukraintseva (26-Jan-2016)
I felt that the whole process was smooth and streamlined, your email responses where very prompt and professional, the online tracking system was easy to use with a simple interface, and the peer revi…
Peter Lementowski (27-Jan-2015)
I am very pleased with the speed with which you dealt with my little paper and the high quality of the presentation. I appreciate your policy of giving conventional pagination to your publications; n…
Dr. Colin Paterson (16-Aug-2018)
It is a privilege to publish our paper with your much reputed journal- Journal of Dentists. We had a good experience in terms of ease of publishing, clarity of guidelines for manuscript preparation an…
Dr. Sumedha Kushwaha (2-July-2015)
Many thanks for the publication in your Global Journal of Botanical Science of our article about lunar rhythms in tree species, analyzed with a new statistical tool, “Old forestry Traditions and Mod…
Ernst Zurcher (26-Sep-2014)
The process of publication was prompt and quick, including editing. I really enjoy working with you.
Hosik Min (19-Feb-2015)
Thanks for your e-mail. Regarding my feedback about publishing with Savvy it was actually an interesting and an excellent opportunity for me.
Dr Maysaa El Sayed Zaki (15-Jan-2015)
Interesting, modern, adapted, and increasing readers for so attractive professional publication, sugesst keep open international invitation to qualfied professional phisitians.
Ramon Navarro Ceballos ( 20-Nov-2015)
“It was a happy experience for me to publish my letter about Zika Virus Disease in the Global Journal of Epidemiology and Public Health. The peer review process was efficient and respected the technic…
Prof. Dr. Mohamed Farouk Allam (18-Mar-2016)
Thank you so much for sending the link. I had a very positive experience publishing with IJPCH. The review was timely and I thought very fair. The revision process as well as final editing was excelle…
Barbara Prudhomme White, OTR/L, Ph.D (19-Jan-2015)
I am glad to see our paper published in your journal. Department of Fundamental Sciences , Higher Institute of Biotechnology of Sidi Thabet ,University of Manouba
Radhouane Chaffai (13-Jan-2015)
I sincerely thank you for publishing my article. Our journal inagural issue has come out well. My experience with the journal was really nice.
Dr.B.Viswanatha (10-Feb-2014)Bangalore Medical College & Research Institute Bangalore. Bangalore, India
Thank you very much for your letter. All was OK with publication my paper in your journal
Vladimir Zaichick (15-Jan-2015)
The publication process was smooth and fast, due to direct contact with dedicated professionals. A suggestion for improvement is to use the online submission tool also for comments and revisions.
Marinus Johannes Nouwen (21-June-2016)
I am very pleased to work with you. It was a nice experience for both of us. Please keep in touch in the future.
Neslihan (15-Jan-2015)
I would like to thank you for the cooperation and the important critical remarks on this paper. I look forward to work together with you in the future.
F. Alexiev (20-Jan-2015)
The seriousness, the professionalism and the friendly atmosphere with the staff are exemplary.
Fethi MAATOUK (18-Jan-2016)
I am delighted by the professionalism I met working with you. In the future I would like to work with you again.
Dr. Bogdan P. Krastev DD. PhD (15-Jan-2015)
“Journal of Composite and Biodegradable Polymers’ is very much suitable and effective journal for the modern age. I think publication procedure/steps are selfsame much suitable, acceptable, smooth a…
Dr. Md. Saiful Islam (29-March-16)
I want to say that our experience has been great. You completed the whole process of acceptance editing and publishing so fast that at none part of time it was felt that we have to remind you regardin…
Dr. S. Ehtesham Hussain Naqvi (7-Dec-2015)
It is a great pleasure for me to meet your newspaper. And since I started my research in 2015, it’s one of the best journals I’ve met and that helped me a lot to believe in my ability as a researcher …
Soulé Baoro Serge Kévin Gildas (13-March-2018)
“JESET opened for me new horizons in approaching the environment science by using engineering technologies applied at micro and macro levels. Thank you for your diligent work in promoting valuable …
Dr. Constantin Pitis (30-Jan-2019)
I was very satisfied with your collaboration. You were prompt and fair.
Dr. Tjaša Jug (11th-January-2018)
I would like to sincerely thank you for your precious cooperation. The experience of publishing an article with Savvy Science Publisher is excellent. I would certainly like to work with you again in t…
Dr. George I. Chras (28 -October-2017)
Wishing you and your family a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2015. Hoep this year brings a great sucess to your esteemed journal. I feel your esteemed journal is doing good. I do not find any major pit…
Vasudev (17-Jan-2015)
For me and the institution that I represent, it has been an honor to play an active role as a researcher, reviewer and editorial board member of your respected Journal. I believe this is the present a…
Dr.Patricia Duran Ospina (10-Feb-2014)Universidad de los Andes, Colombia
Many thanks for your kind email asking me to review my experience of the IJOR. My overall experience has been a very good one and the ease of submission and review details were very good. Comments fro…
Mr Laurence Dodd (15-Jan-2015)