Global Journal Of Epidemiology and Public Health

Table of Contents
Volume 1, No. 1, April 2014

Global Journal Of Epidemiology and Public Health (Volume1 Issue1)

Review of Obsessive Compulsive Disorders Theories Pages 1-13
L. Fava, S. Bellantuono, A. Bizzi, M.L. Cesario, B. Costa, E. De Simoni, M. Di Nuzzo, S. Fadda, S. Gazzellini, A. Lo Iacono, C. Macchini, P. Mallozzi, D. Marfisi, F.F. Mazza, E. Paluzzi, C. Pecorario, M. Esposito, P. Pierini, D. Saccucci, V. Siçlvestre, R. Stefani, K. Strauss, S. Turreni and F. Mancini

The Cancer Burden and Patient Management at the Radiotherapy Department of Mulago Hospital, Uganda Pages 14-17
Buwenge Milly, Muyinda Zeridah and Mubuuke Aloysius Gonzaga

The EYESI Simulator for Training Ophthalmology Residents Pages 18-23
Katibeh M, Eskandari A, Mirzaei M and Javadi MA

Migrant Differences in Adolescents’ Medicine Use for Common Health Problems: A National Representative Survey Pages 24-34
Lourdes Cantarero-Arévalo, Anette Andersen, Bjørn Evald Holstein and Ebba Holme Hansen