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Co-Editor-in-Chief: Ivan Y. Iourov , Ozgur Karcioglu
Abbreviated Key Title: J. Neurol. Epidemiol.

ISSN (online): 2309-6179

Published by: Savvy Science Publishers

Periodicity: One Volume per year (Open Access)

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Journal of Neurology and Epidemiology is devoted to extensive continuum neurology. Participatory and shared expertise has enhanced intelligent developments. New thoughts, ideas, findings and experience are the fundamental vision of excellence of this publication.

Epidemiological research aims to establish the causes, mechanisms, and natural history of illness. It has traditionally focused on specific diseases, using data obtained from populations to investigate the factors related to the disease of interest. The relevant data will usually include some of: the characteristics of the patient; the manifestation of the disease; the patient’s history and social status; the patient’s past and present environment; and the characteristics of other people without the disease. Analysis aims to establish the nature and strength of the interrelationships between these factors and the occurrence of disease.

Neurologic Disease Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention
Augmentation of Positive Clinical Outcomes
Epidemiology of Neurological Diseases
Politics, Economics, and Policies in Health Service Delivery
Translational Neuroscience