Profile-Marcello Iriti

Professor of Plant Biology and Pathology at the Department of Biomedical, Surgical and Dental Sciences, Milan State University. He has been studying nutraceuticals, functional foods, phytotherapeutics and essential oils relevant for human and animal health, focusing on their preclinical (in vitro/in vivo) and in human pharmacological activities. He has been investigating the health-promoting effects of traditional Mediterranean diet as well as the ethnopharmacology of herbal remedies of traditional healing systems.

Member of the World Academy of Sciences, Asian Council of Science Editors and Society of African Journal Editors. Founding Member of the Italian Society of Environmental Medicine. Member of the Working Group ‘Pharmacognosy, Phytotherapy and Nutraceuticals’ of the Italian Pharmacological Society. Main Patent: ‘Compositions Comprising Rutin Useful for the Treatment of Tumors Resistant to Chemotherapy’ (WO2015036875A1; US20160213698; US9757405B2; EP3043821).