Prof. Yusheng Shi

Prof. Shi has been engaged in the field of additive manufacturing (AM) for 25 years and devoted his expertise to the advanced preparation and forming techniques of high-performance polymeric, metallic, and ceramic materials for AM. He is a Distinguished Professor at Huazhong University of Science and Technology. He serves as Chair of the AM Branch of Non-ferrous Metals Society of China, Chair of the AM Materials Branch of the Chinese Materials Research Society, Director of the Expert Committee of the AM Technology Center of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, etc. He was listed among the "Top 2% Scientists in the World" by Stanford University and recognized as one of the top contributors in Cross-Field in China in 2022. His team was recognized as “the world's most influential organization in the laser-AM field in 2018 (ranked 1st)” by Virtual and Physical Prototyping, a top international journal, and complimented as "has affected other countries such as Singapore, South Korea, and the United States" in the authoritative Wohlers Report on AM.