Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering Technology

Table of Contents
Volume 8, Year 2020

Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering Technology (Volume8)

A Holistic Approach to Stormwater Green Infrastructure (Pages 1-9)
Sana Mirza, Jing Nie, Michael Viteritto and Huan Feng

Characterization of Water-Soluble Ions in PM2.5 in Chongqing, a Megacity in Eastern Sichuan Basin, China (Pages 10-21)
Tianli Song, Xuyao Cao, Huanbo Wang, Yang Qiu, Yang Chen, Mi Tian, Jianyan Yu, Chongzhi Zhai, Fumo Yang

Trace Metals and 210Po Activity Concentrations in Macroalgae (Cystoseira Crinita and Halopteris Scoparia) and Seagrass (Cymodocea Nodosa) in Izmir Bay, Aegean Turkish Coast (Pages 22-29)
Nurdan Akakçe, Aysun Uğur Görgün, İnci Tüney Kızılkaya and Nevra Öztürk Atay

Impacts of PM2.5 Chemical Composition on Aerosol Light Extinction During the Xi’an International Horticultural Expo of China (Pages 30-40)
Qiyuan Wang, Yaqing Zhou, Suixin Liu, Ting Zhang and Jie Tian

A Bayesian Neural Network for an Accurate Representation and Transformation of Runoff Dynamics: A Case Study of the Brazos River Basin in Texas (Pages 41-51)
Hamidreza Ghasemi Damavandi, Dimitrios Stampoulis, John Sabo, Reepal Shah, Li Huang, Yuhang Wei, Yushiou Tsai, Jaishri Srinivasan, Tushar Sinha, Dragan Boscovic, and Glen Low

Numerical Assessment of Different Engine Model Levels in the View of Complex Hybrid Application (Pages 52-62)
Giuseppe Di Luca, Massimiliano Muccillo, Giovanni Giardiello, Alfredo Gimelli and Gabriele Di Blasio

Apulian Karst Springs: A Review (Pages 63-83)
I.S. Liso and M. Parise

Harvesting the Vibration Energy with BaTiO3@Graphene for the Piezocatalytic Degradation of Methylene Blue (Pages 84-91)
Tian Hou, Fang Cao, Meilin Li, Jinlong Wang and Lingling Lv

Observation-Based Modeling of O3–Precursor Relationships in Nanjing, China (Pages 92-100)
Lin Li, Jingyi Li, Momei Qin, Li Sheng and Jianlin Hu

Spatial Conditions and the Climatic Comfort of the Micro-Interior – Selected Issues (Pages 101-106)
Alirza Mamedov and Justyna Kobylarczyk

Changes of Microbial Community and Reactor Performance in Sequencing Batch Reactors Under Diclofenac Selective Pressure (Pages 107-116)
Cong Jiang, Qingmiao Yu, Shaoli Li, Haidong Hu, Hongqiang Ren, Ke Xu and
Jinju Geng