Journal of Hematology Research

Table of Contents
Volume 8, Year 2021

Journal of Hematology Research Volume 8

Outcomes and Barriers to Use of Novel Sickle Cell Therapeutic Agents in a Community Health Center (Pages 1-5)
Anne H. Metzger, Mamle Anim and Cherika Johnson

The Use of Hydroxyurea During Pregnancy in Sickle Cell Anemia Women: A Case Series and Literature Review (Pages 6-10)
Flávia Anchielle Carvalho Silva, Ana Laura Carneiro Gomes Ferreira, Luisa Martins Pimentel, Carlos Henrique Monteiro Maciel Lyra, Manuela Freire Hazin-Costa, Glaucia Lins Guerra, Aderson Silva Araújo and Ariani Impieri Souza